Comes with a customizable layout which ensures an easier and faster platform development.

1280 x 798

Best for laptop displays or independent displays and projectors intended primarily for use with computers.


Anybody can add extra features by using builtin documentation and libraries without having a good coding knowledge.


Reduce your development time by checking the special articles (VBA and SQL) from the site.

Powerfull Features

Online Database

Users can Register, Login or Recover their account from the platform that is connected to an online database. No activation needed for new users.


Crontab Support

Cron is used for repetitive tasks that run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals on the SERVER side ONLY.


Admin Panel

Special section on the platform from where an administrative account can change the environment of the platform. This includes Activate, Deactivate or Edit specific parts of the platform.


The platform can be updated at any time when a new version of it is available, without additional files. The team is always implementing new features.



Depending on the internet connection and database hosting, the platform can host multiple connections at the same time for interaction.   



"Sky is the limit" when it comes to customization. The platform can be customized through either the application build or the Admin Panel. Create your own storyline and make it bloom.