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The Framework was created by kaball
Application built with Microsoft Visual Studio 16.3.6 using Windows Forms

NuGet Packages :
SQL Server over the Internet

Welcome screen
  • LogIn
  • Register
  • Recover Password

User Panel
  • Statistics
  • User Settings
  • User Messages
  • User Timestamp based actions

Admin Panel
  • Statistics
  • Logs
  • ADS Management
  • Players Management
  • Characters Management
  • Levels Management
  • Shop Management
  • Skills Management
  • Items Management
  • Missions Management

  • Customizable
  • Single Window for all Panels
  • Rounded panels and buttons

Versus mode system
  • Probability, Odds and Random Chance
  • Random Search
  • Limit fights per day

CRON tab support to update user statistics like Energy and Health regeneration over time and reset daily user tokens

This Framework also includes Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects
The Framework does not contain resources like pictures, music or logos. These are subject to commercial use and copyrights.

Included in this Framework:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio project
  • DEMO SQL Database
  • Files for CRON support
  • Documentation
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